Product Description

"MAGNUS" offers the variety of biological microscopes range developed for botanical, histological, cytological, microbiological, medical research and for education, healthcare, IVF & Research segments for observing transparent specimens in chemistry, physics, and other non-biological fields for applications in Universities and Medical colleges.

Principle Details

  • Manufacturer: MAGNUS
  • Model No: MLX –B/TR
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Status: Avaliable
  • Parfocal and Centered Objectives: Minimizes the use of fine focusing and stage control knobs during objective change over
  • Optics with multi-layer coating: Maximize transmission of light for crisp and bright images
  • Anti-fungus treated optics: Ensures image excellence for long periods
  • Light collector-lens systems: for optimal brightness
  • Micro sensitive mechanical movements: Enable easy manipulation of specimen Available with halogen or LED light source
  • Optional: In-built battery pack for cordless operation
Item Specifications MLX-B MLX-Tr
Body Aluminium die-cast body with all critical movements based on ball bearing & wire guides thereby ensuring smooth & precise manipulation
Inclined Observation Head
Binoculaor 45 degree inclined rotatable through 360 degress
Trinoculor 45 degree inclined rotatable through 360 degress
  • Objectives
  • Plan-Achromat 4x/0.1 - WD: 6.50 mm
  • Plan-Achromat 10x/0.25 - WD: 4.39 mm
  • Plan-Achromat 40x/0.65 - WD: 0.48 mm
  • Plan-Achromat 100x/1.25 - WD: 0.13 mm
  • Plan-Achromat 40x/0.65 Ph2 - WD: 0.48 mm
  • Eyepiece pointer
  • Phase contrast equipment (PlanAchromat 40x/0.65 Ph2 + Ph2 slider)
  • Darkfield equipment (DF slider 0.65)
  • LED-fluorescence accessory kit available
  • Integrated HD camera and Labscope iPad app.