Oocyte Aspiration Pump

Product Description

Rocket Craft™ Suction and Rocket Craft™ DUO-VAC Suction Pumps have been the gold standard for reliable oocyte aspiration for over 30 year and have been developed to provide smooth, low volume vacuum at pre-determined negative pressures, so allowing simple, low turbulence, oocyte recovery

Principle Details

  • Manufacturer: Rocket Medical.
  • Model Name: Oocyte Aspiration Pump
  • Year of Release: 2005
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Status: Avaliable
  • Fully Variable Vacuum from 0-400mmHg
  • Simply, Safe Operation with air-operated foot controls. High vacuum foot control available on Duo-Vac Suction Pumps.
  • An improved foot switch base replaces the traditional chromed plate and includes a lighter weight connection set to improve ease of handling and reliability.
  • Availble with two styles of single use water trap set to provide cost effective solutions to non-sterile water traps and tubing.
  • Super quiet diaphragm pump makes it easy to live with in the or and needs only annual service
  • Illuminated O/I mains power on/off
  • Vacuum Display mmHg-1
  • High vacuum control-clockwise to increase,anticlockwise to decrease the set value.
  • water trap connection port-recommended for use with R57685 Rocket Craft pump water trap sets.
  • water trap set comprising glass bottle,bung,angled connectors,sillicone tube set.
  • footswitch connection port
  • Medium vacuum (Standerd)50-250mmHg-1 footswitch
  • Silicone tube set with metalluer connector
  • Power Cord