Product Description

The Saturn 5™ Biopsy Mode is helping you to significantly improve biopsying methods; potentially reducing procedure time, lowering the incidence of blastocyst collapse and eliminating the need to mechanically tear off cells.

Principle Details

  • Manufacturer: RI
  • Brand Name: Saturn 5
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Status: Avaliable
  • Biopsy mode allows accurate laser drilling along a straight or curved drawn line.
  • Sub-micron accuracy and unique computer controlled laser with guaranteed laser alignment.
  • Lowest laser pulse energy for minimal energy near critical cells. Exclusion Zone™ feature ensures cell safety.
  • Intuitive RI Viewer software package with streamlined interface. Programmable foot pedal controls software and laser functions including the new biopsy mode.
  • Compatible with all popular brands of micromanipulators and inverted microscopes.
  • Pilot Laser: 630-650nm spot targeting solid state diode laser – red pilot beam guarantees the position of the invisible ablation laser.
  • Ablation Laser: 1480nm / 400mW solid state diode laser. Pulse length range 0.005-2.0ms / 5-2000µs. Class 1 laser product. Tested and proven not to exhibit thermal lensing.
  • Laser unit dimensions: 220mm x 180mm x 34mm
  • CRi Oosight™ Compatibility: Compatible with CRI Oosight™ and SpindleView™ systems
  • Fluorescence Compatibility: Saturn™ Lasers Systems are compatible with epi-fluorescence on selected microscopes. Contact us for details
  • Operation Software: RI Viewer™ imaging software included – with digital laser targeting.
  • Mains Input: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz