Product Description

Thermosafe™ is an integral heating system that helps to keep samples at the optimum temperature. It emits warm air precisely and uniformly towards the Petri dish. The result of this is a fail-safe guarantee, with no more cold spots, no more hot spots and no more ambiguity.

Principle Details

  • Manufacturer: Nikon
  • Model Name: RI INTEGRA 3
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Status: Avaliable
  • Thermosafe™ maintains sample temperature with a gentle stream of warm air under the Petri dish.
  • Improved rapid micropipette set-up with one-step angle adjustment.
  • Motion sensor LED light underneath the stage for improved visibility when changing objectives.
  • Heating system status indicator light and alarm monitors every second of the process. A log is kept of every alarm triggered.
  • Large built-in mechanical XY stage plus temperature controllers with easy access buttons and touch screen.
  • New extra-fine mechanisms for smooth and precise movement of the stage and micropipettes.
  • Heating System: Thermosafe™ Air Heating System with Heated Metal Insert: 25mm aperture (standard)
  • Temperature Controller: Better than ±0.1ºC when calibrated against known reference
  • 3.5″ colour LCD touch screen display for temperature control.
  • USB socket for connection to PC running RI Viewer™ software
  • Choice of SAS (air), SAS-SE (air) and SOS (oil)
  • Maximum weight of microscope mounted components (excluding front and rear adaptors): 10.4kgActual weight is configuration dependent.
  • Footprint (not including microscope): width 56cm, depth 38cm
  • Temperature: 15ºC (59ºF) to 40ºC (104ºF)
  • Compatible with Research Instruments micropipettes (or other industry standard 1.0mm outside diameter micropipettes or equivalent specification).